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North County Food Not Bombs [06 Apr 2007|04:52pm]

Hey guys!

This is for anyone who might be interested in sharing food in the Encinitas area again. For everyone who has participated in FNB they know it's a lot of fun and a good community booster and makes a lot of hungry people very happy. If you don't know what Food Not Bombs is, to put it at it's very basics FNB is an international group with various chapters with the three basic principles of non-violence, group consensus and vegetarianism. FNB groups share food with anyone who is hungry with food that would otherwise go to waste to emphasize the ludicrousness of hunger amid abundance.

I know a few other people who are interested and we have an open cooking location so now all we need are more people who are interested! Let's get it going again guys, nothing feels better than direct, non-violent action. Respond, call me, let's do it! Even if we don't know each other making friends in the process would be amazing!

For a better description of the basics of Food Not Bombs You can watch this short video.
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Closer [27 Mar 2007|12:38am]

Hey guys it's Gage Derringer ('05)

If it's any indication how difficult college really is, I've managed to still find time to check this thing every once and a while and I wanted to just post and let you all know about a production that I'm going to be in coming up.  I'll be doing the play Closer by Patrick Marber who also wrote the screenplay to the movie of the same name starring Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Julia Roberts.  I'm really excited about the show and I realize that LMU is pretty far but if anyone has any interest in seeing the show, who am I to deprive them of that?


April 12-15th and 19-22nd

The Del Rey Theatre at Loyola Marymount University 

Tickets are $5 and the curtain goes up at 8 PM

To get to Loyola you need to hop on the 5 North to the 405, then get off on Jefferson and take a left.  Stay on Jefferson until you hit Lincoln where you'll turn left again, you'll see LMU on the left hand side, it'll be your next left and there is an unreasonably large fountain out front.  If you get stopped by the little guard post guy just tell him you're there to see the show.

If you haven't seen the movie (like me) it's amazing writing.  It's about the romantic interactions of four people in London over the course of about 5 years.  The acting is phenomonal (aside from me) and it's just going to be a great show.  Come for no other reason than to see me saying dirty things in a cockney accent (it rhymes with bundt)  Anyone, hope all is well with everyone and unless I'm too late, good luck with college admissions.


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SDA Robotics [14 Dec 2006|06:14pm]

We've started up a robotics club/team that meets after-school on tuesdays and thursdays between after-school till 5 o clock. Stimpson and Berend are the teachers spearheading the project, but the real founders are Matt Goleman and family (the ones who funded mostly and got everything working out). We've been in the school paper once, and Stimpson says we need to make ourselves known, so we've (i've) made a short video describing our first robot. He has been dubbed "Par" (unofficially known as 'broken'). But anyways, we've entered him (par) into one competition so far, and unfortunately lost. The competition is a team game, with two robots on each team, and you try to get softballs into high goals or low goals (miniturized-basketball goals and soccer goals). Depending on how many goals your team gets decides which team is the winner. But we got 34th or 32nd out of 42 teams because our teammates were awesome and won some rounds even though we weren't doing much. That's also because we were told we had about 4 weeks till competition, then comes one thursday when people told us it was this sunday. so we worked all thursday, all friday, all saturday, and then we went to competition on sunday. the competition was in Glendale...our robot didn't do what we liked it to do (like turn) but when we made it back to school and had more time we were able to fix it a little bit, and we made a short video about it, and what we're going to do with it and who mostly made it.

Video: http://teachers.sduhsd.k12.ca.us/gstimson/Robotics/SDA%20robobics%20web%20streaming.mov

As i said before, Stimpson said we needed to make ourselves a bit more public so this is the only reason i've felt compelled to post this. You guys will probably start to see some posters up next week if we can get em approved by ASB.

And if anyone feels like coming in next week (the 19th or the 24th...im not sure if we have one on the 24th) and ask questions, come on! We're not going to be doing much because the next competition wont be until a long time and i am sure everyone will answer any question you have.
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[11 Dec 2006|06:35pm]

What's going on with the Academy?
I heard something about someone getting expelled for not wearing shoes?
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[28 Oct 2006|12:13am]

Calling all SDA ukulele players!

I am starting up an official SDA ukulele orchestra and I need players. No experience is needed, just a uke and a desire to learn. We need all kinds of ukes, like baritone and tenor as well. So give me a call if you have any desire to play ukulele, as I am more than willing to help train you. Call Daniel Leonhard at 760-822-6141.
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yeah [01 Aug 2006|10:41am]

anyone going to the Panic at the dico/dresden dolls show tonight?

have an extra seat in your car?
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[24 Jul 2006|03:19pm]

I need to hear stories!
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[24 Jul 2006|03:02am]

Oh man....

Not that I neglect this community, its just that it exist because it can, So following myowndojo, I'm going to pass admin duties to someone who wishes to and have some experience in lj to do so, so again, give a lil short reason in this post to tell me why you should be the next admin. :-)

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For SDA Alumni [23 Jul 2006|01:23pm]

San Dieguito Academy has a new Alumni site!

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class of '06 [16 Jun 2006|08:52am]

Happy graduation, kids. We deserve it. To the class of '07...you'd better figure out some way to measure up.

Just kidding.


See y'all on the field!
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[13 Jun 2006|11:44pm]

It is 11:44 and I've already said no more to Senior Sleepover. We're kicked out of our own school, having to caravan to shopping centers and elementary schools, as drunk people are too loud and awaken neighbors. I'm done. Talk about a sucky night as a senior... Tell me i'm wrong. somehow.
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Video Yearbook and Comedy Sportz DVD's [11 Jun 2006|12:47am]

What did you guys think of the video yearbook this year?
Don't praise or criticize me though, as I just did some filming for it.
It was Tyler Nelson's baby. He directed and did most of the filming and editing.
If you want to buy a copy I think Tyler will be selling them starting Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll probably help him with the DVD authoring, menu design, and extra features. I'm not sure on the price though, probably around $10.

Also, i'm selling Comedy Sportz DVD's for 4 games this year. Here are some of their basic cover arts.Collapse )

You can buy each for $10 or the 4 dvd set for $30.
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06/06/06 [30 May 2006|04:02pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Hey, seniors. I know that it's like illegal to talk about senior ditch day but whatever. We're going to Wild Rivers. If you get 15 of your friends to go with you, it will cost you 10 fewer dollars than if you get 14 of your friends to go with you. So do it. I know it's in Irvine which is kind of a hike but if you get together some fun carpools and make mix CDs and bring a camera you will make sweet memories of senior year. And, let's be real, how long has it been since you've been to a water park? Probably since like YMCA camp when you were nine. So, let's go, kids.

Looks like that's not going to be an option any longer. Carolyn just told me that Wild Rivers isn't open that day. Which is really really dumb. Looks like D street is going to be the destination that day instead.

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[29 May 2006|12:47pm]


Starring Clay Stefanki, Lily Nikzad, Hayden Ayers, Dory Mastrogany, Tom Frank, Jillian Milliken, Marie Cravens, Nick Miller, and Richelle Broemmelsiek.

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surfboards needed [18 May 2006|11:33am]

if anyone has old/broken surfboards, we need them to make benches out of them for the senior gardening day!
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Video Yearbook [17 May 2006|11:16pm]

I'm part of the video yearbook committee this year and we have pretty much got all the footage of this years events and have edited a lot of it together with music. Nevertheless, if you have any ideas for segments or skits or anything, take this as an opportunity to get them out. I'm planning on doing lots of interviews soon too, so if you're interested in being interviwed, you can let me know.
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Senior Prank [11 May 2006|03:43pm]

“San Dieguito Academy neither promotes nor condemns your student's sexual activity. Our mission is to support the unique culture and programs of San Dieguito High School Academy. In keeping with this mission, SDA thanks you again for helping us provide a healthy and encouraging environment for your student to grow, learn and succeed.”

I would like to congratulate whoever came up with the senior prank.

Barbara Gauthier looking like a total idiot in the process made it ever more sweet.
“It's awful,” said Gauthier, who believes the culprit may have committed a crime. “I got wind of it when a dad called me concerned, and oh my gosh, I would never send something like that. It's clearly not anything I would ever endorse.”
(laugh it off, students admire your attitude?)

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[10 May 2006|09:17pm]

Native Gardening Day

June 3rd

Also, if anyone has old/broken surfboards. All I need is 3 to make benches for the garden. It'll look so.. aw just so cool. I don't know anyother high school that would be able to have this.

If you want to help plant, come come!
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Seniors: [01 May 2006|07:04pm]

If you remember the college maps in the newspaper, we're doing it again this year. So instead of making us hunt you down in homeroom or whatever, if you could post your name and where you're going to college next year (or what you're planning on doing), that would be really cool.

PS Did you realize that we graduate in six weeks? Six weeks is practically nothing!
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The Boys From Syracuse [21 Apr 2006|11:28pm]

Come and see SDA's production of "The Boys From Syracuse"! It is the musical comedy version of Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors". House opens at 6:30pm. The show starts at 7pm, and ends around 9:30pm. Show dates are April 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for non-students.
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